Coaching of 10 September 2016 delivered by: Paulo Silva
Adapted from: Ironing, by Andy Rooney

This morning I ironed a shirt. If you don’t think that’s worth mentioning, it’s either because you’ve never ironed one yourself or because you’re a lot better at it than I am.

There are jobs to be done in life that I’ll never master, and ironing is one of them. I enjoy the idea of pressing something to make it look better but as soon as I start, I remember all over again how impossible ironing is for me.

They’ve never made a shirt that doesn’t need ironing, no matter what it’s made of. All “permanent press” clothing needs pressing “Permanent Press” is as inaccurate as “one size fits all” or “no-stick frying pans”. One size doesn’t fit anybody, and when I cook in a no-stick Teflon pan and spray it with no-stick pass, things still stick.

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