Why a Duck?

Coaching of 13 June 2009 delivered by: Hélio
Document Submitted to the site by: Takao Hosono
Written by: William Safire for The New York Times Magazine

In an Attach, Duct Tape and Plastic Sheeting Can Provide Solace, if Not Real Security’ ran a five-cloumn headline in The New York Times. Above it, a picture showed two large rolls of the wide adhesive tape in a shopping cart, each clearly labeled “DUCK tape” spelled with a k.

Americans worried about protecting themselves from biological or chemical attack queried this department with a much less pressing concern: which is it: duct tape or duck tape? Perhaps there is solace in spelling.

Comedians know that the word duck, like banana, strikes many people as funny. In the first Marx Brothers feature film, the 1929 “Cocoanuts” Groucho explains to Chich the plans to develop and auction Florida land by saying, “And here is the viaduct leading over to the mainland.”

To continue reading, download full article here: http://www.spdc.com.br/upload/SPDC_June13_09WhyaDuck.pdf

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