3 Things That Happened When I Took Freezing Cold Showers For A Week

Coaching of 3 September 2016 delivered by: Suzana Gurvitz
Document Submitted to the site by: Suzana Gurvitz
Adapted for coaching from: Freezing Cold Showers by Nick Greene, MSN Lifestyle, August 30th 2016


My best thinking happens in the shower. Whenever I have to do something mentally taxing, I always take a long, ponderous shower before I get started. I would have done so before sitting down to write this article, but I couldn’t—because this is a story about taking cold showers, something I have been doing for the past week.

Taking a cold shower is commonly thought of as a torturous act, something endured by people in military boot camps or prison. In “The Jimmy,” an episode from the sixth season of Seinfeld, George Costanza says cold showers are “for psychotics” when someone suggests he take one. Heck, the term “cold shower” itself is synonymous with “libido-killing.” Despite all this, there’s a small but enthusiastic movement of people extolling the benefits of cold showers, and they have some real science to back them up.

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