Why do I have such difficulty disciplining myself?

Coaching of 24 September 2016 delivered by: Robert Martin
Adapted from: Instant Analysis, by David Liebermann

Whether it is losing weight, starting an exercise program, becoming organized, writing the great American novel, or anything else, it is always the same old story. I know what needs to be done, and I do it for a while, but I do not put in the effort and attention to keep going. It get less and less motivated and soon lose interest. I tell myself that I never really wanted it or it is really not worth it, and then I give up. “Maybe I’ll try again another time” is the phrase that I sell myself, as I have so many times before.

You look around at other people, admiring them for their tenacity and fortitude. “How on earth do they get themselves out of bed every morning to go jogging?” is the question that you continually ponder. You wonder if perhaps you just lack discipline, as if it were an inborn trait. But discipline is not something you’re born with; it’s an ability that is cultivated. It takes much more than a passing want or desire to bring on the power of discipline. Discipline is a matter of training the mind. When the alarm goes off in the morning and you pull the covers over your head, you train your mind to be lax. When you need to finish an assignment but decide to watch a little TV to unwind, you train your mind to be lax. In the evening when you decide to have a second helping of dessert even though you know it might upset your stomach, you train your mind to be lax. Then, when it comes time for you to follow a regimen, what happens? you offer up a host of explanations as to why it would be best if you just skipped today.

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Coaching of 10 September 2016 delivered by: Paulo Silva
Adapted from: Ironing, by Andy Rooney

This morning I ironed a shirt. If you don’t think that’s worth mentioning, it’s either because you’ve never ironed one yourself or because you’re a lot better at it than I am.

There are jobs to be done in life that I’ll never master, and ironing is one of them. I enjoy the idea of pressing something to make it look better but as soon as I start, I remember all over again how impossible ironing is for me.

They’ve never made a shirt that doesn’t need ironing, no matter what it’s made of. All “permanent press” clothing needs pressing “Permanent Press” is as inaccurate as “one size fits all” or “no-stick frying pans”. One size doesn’t fit anybody, and when I cook in a no-stick Teflon pan and spray it with no-stick pass, things still stick.

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3 Things That Happened When I Took Freezing Cold Showers For A Week

Coaching of 3 September 2016 delivered by: Suzana Gurvitz
Document Submitted to the site by: Suzana Gurvitz
Adapted for coaching from: Freezing Cold Showers by Nick Greene, MSN Lifestyle, August 30th 2016


My best thinking happens in the shower. Whenever I have to do something mentally taxing, I always take a long, ponderous shower before I get started. I would have done so before sitting down to write this article, but I couldn’t—because this is a story about taking cold showers, something I have been doing for the past week.

Taking a cold shower is commonly thought of as a torturous act, something endured by people in military boot camps or prison. In “The Jimmy,” an episode from the sixth season of Seinfeld, George Costanza says cold showers are “for psychotics” when someone suggests he take one. Heck, the term “cold shower” itself is synonymous with “libido-killing.” Despite all this, there’s a small but enthusiastic movement of people extolling the benefits of cold showers, and they have some real science to back them up.

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Shyness: Evolutionary Tactic?

A BEAUTIFUL woman lowers her eyes demurely beneath a hat. In an earlier era, her gaze might have signaled a mysterious allure. But this is a 2003 advertisement for Zoloft, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (S.S.R.I.) approved by the F.D.A. to treat social anxiety disorder. “Is she just shy? Or is it Social Anxiety Disorder?” reads the caption, suggesting that the young woman is not alluring at all. She is sick.

But is she? It is possible that the lovely young woman has a life-wrecking form of social anxiety. There are people too afraid of disapproval to venture out for a job interview, a date or even a meal in public. Despite the risk of serious side effects — nausea, loss of sex drive, seizures — drugs like Zoloft can be a godsend for this group. But the ad’s insinuation aside, it’s also possible the young woman is “just shy,” or introverted — traits our society disfavors. One way we manifest this bias is by encouraging perfectly healthy shy people to see themselves as ill.

SPDC Meeting - July 27, 2011

SPDC Meeting – July 27, 2011: Boni closing the coaching

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Why a Duck?

Coaching of 13 June 2009 delivered by: Hélio
Document Submitted to the site by: Takao Hosono
Written by: William Safire for The New York Times Magazine

In an Attach, Duct Tape and Plastic Sheeting Can Provide Solace, if Not Real Security’ ran a five-cloumn headline in The New York Times. Above it, a picture showed two large rolls of the wide adhesive tape in a shopping cart, each clearly labeled “DUCK tape” spelled with a k.

Americans worried about protecting themselves from biological or chemical attack queried this department with a much less pressing concern: which is it: duct tape or duck tape? Perhaps there is solace in spelling.

Comedians know that the word duck, like banana, strikes many people as funny. In the first Marx Brothers feature film, the 1929 “Cocoanuts” Groucho explains to Chich the plans to develop and auction Florida land by saying, “And here is the viaduct leading over to the mainland.”

To continue reading, download full article here: http://www.spdc.com.br/upload/SPDC_June13_09WhyaDuck.pdf

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Giant John: meeting held on 7 February 2009

Dearl All,

This is an update on our last meeting, which was held on 7th February 2009. Here we were again, getting together for another English speaking meeting at the SPDC. If you enjoy speaking English and would like to enjoy some fruitful English conversation, please, do come and visit us! We meet every Saturday from 15:30 to 18:30 (except on bank holidays). Our address is:

SPDC – Standard Phonic Drill Centre
Rua Alcindo Guanabara, 17 Gr 507-9
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

On this day, we had Paulo as our coach who brought a very interesting text about Giant John. The story was about a giant man who went to great lengths in order to marry his loved one.

He tried so hard that he almost lost her. Unfortunately, for him and his loved one, they did not live long to enjoy their honeymoon.

Djada (sitting in for the Recording Secretary), José Rodrigues (our President), Paulo (Coach of the Day) and Lina Reis

Djada (sitting in for the Recording Secretary), José Rodrigues (our President), Paulo (Coach of the Day) and Lina Reis.

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Power speak in a nutshell: meeting held on 31 January 2009

Dear All,
This is an update on our last meeting, which was held on 31 January 2009.

The meeting started a bit late this Saturday. José Rodrigues, our President, voiced his concern regarding these late starts, given that they have become a constant lately. Let us ensure we are all at the club before or by 3.30pm at the latest!

José called the meeting to order and invited Robert Martim to the stage as the coach of the day. His coaching was about “Power Speak”.

Christina, José Rodrigues, and Robert Martim

Christina, José Rodrigues, and Robert Martim

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