Big Brother Boni – Dear friend José Bonifácio da Cruz

This is a sad month for all the SPDCians, as we lose our beloved friend José Bonifácio da Cruz. He will be a person to be remembered forever for all that he represented to the SPDC.

Big Brother Boni

Be as you have been helping us to self-actualize for more than half of your life,
I‘ve  never seen such considerate person… Do you think we are your sons or your wife?
Glad I’m here, dear friend, having this great opportunity to congratulate you today.

Building self-esteem in the SPDC’s members, all of us are thankful on your birthday.
Realizing our needs your everlasting brushing our English with satisfaction,
Open-minded you are always cooperating in all subjects presented in our intereaction.
Trying to make us more and more learned, you have ever an answer to any question.
Have you any encyclopedia in your mind or are you a really wisdom bastion?
Enhancing our administration by your learning experience and rare memory,
Receive today applauses not due to your smart participations but mainly to your modesty.

Big Brother, dear friend, could be few words to describe what in truth all you are,
Observe, however that we tell you these words with tenderness, as if we said to a star.
Notable, polymath, and transcendent, dear mate, that’s what you really are among us.
I‘m actually grateful, on behalf of everybody, if I can say however much we like your kindness.

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